• Pyros World emerged from a group of Radix enthusiasts who initially aimed for a fun project. However, as our skills came together, the project evolved into something more serious. Our goal was to create something truly impressive and innovative, resulting in Pyro.

  • Pyro is our flagship product - a meticulously crafted 3D character NFT, blending artistic excellence with practicability. A mix of high-end art, digital collectible, and applicable assets utilizable within the metaverse. Every 3D NFT comes fully rigged/animated and is capable of actually being used, not just looked at.

  • We aspire to stand out from the crowd as more than just another 10,000 NFT project. Our aim is to combine the strengths of web3, such as digital ownership and decentralization, with use cases that have traditionally resided in the web2 domain. Pyro is also poised for future projects on the Radix DLT.

  • Pyros World NFTs can be acquired on our Website. Simply click the buy button in the bottom right corner of homepage. Choose whether you want to buy via USD or XRD, follow the self explaining steps and receive your Pyro.

  • The Price of one Pyro will start at $10 (or it´s equivalent in XRD), it will then increase dynamically over different Stages

    The planned stages are:

    10$ until 500 NFTs are sold
    14$ until 1500 NFTs are sold
    18$ until 2500 NFTs are sold
    20$ until 3500 NFTs are sold
    22$ until 4500 NFTs are sold
    24$ until it´s sold out

  • No, we have decided to distribute Pyros randomly. Every Pyro is unique and equally special, making it challenging to pick just one.

  • No, some will be kept for giveaways, and others will be distributed to Pyros World team members, those who contributed to Pyro's creation.

  • Absolutely. We'll ensure by building customized smart contracts that the chances to pick a rare combination remain to be fair. Even for us, the distribution remains random. Moreover, we won't retain any top-tier Pyros based on rarity.

  • Pyro stands out for its fusion of art and functionality. It's not just a 3D creation; it's a metaverse-ready character that bridges the gap between creativity and utility.

  • Absolutely! Pyro is designed to be metaverse-ready, allowing you to use it as an avatar in various virtual environments or games, enhancing your engagement and experiences.

  • Pyros rigged model which comes with every NFT is designed to function as an avatar in various metaverse games, allowing you to showcase your unique character while gaming. Pyro is compatible with the major game engines Unreal and Unity.

  • Join our vibrant community on Telegram to connect with fellow enthusiasts, stay updated, and engage in discussions about Pyro and the metaverse. Follow us on our official social media channels, especially X and Telegram, to stay informed about Pyro releases, updates, and more.

  • While Pyro's design won't change, we are constantly exploring ways to enhance its features and potential use cases within the evolving metaverse landscape. We are committed to expanding Pyros World beyond Pyro itself. Further innovative projects or expansion stages that leverage the synergy between art, gaming, and the metaverse are not ruled out.

  • Yes, Pyros are limited to a collection of 10,000 unique characters. Once they're gone, they're gone. Secure your piece of the metaverse now!

  • Yes, our mission is to combine the best of web3 and web2, integrating digital ownership, decentralization, and practical applications in one ecosystem.