Use Cases

Pyros World NFTs provide utility beyond being a store of value or being pleasant to look at. Owning a Pyro NFT includes gaining access to its fully rigged 3D model - and with it the potential of versatile utilization!

  • Would you like to create HQ profile pictures of your Pyro NFT from the angle of your choice?

    Step 1: Download and unzip the 3D model (FBX file)

    Click on "My Collection". Select one of your beloved Pyro NFT click on "Download FBX File". Unzip the compressed file (FBX file together with the textures).

    Step 2: Download and install the free video animation software Blender:

    Step 3: Download cool poses for your Pyro-NFT here (PyroSzene.blend)

    Step 4: Open PyroScene.blend

    The following steps using Blender are also explained in the video below:

    1️⃣ Import your FBX file
    2️⃣ Make sure to have the rig selected
    3️⃣ Select the "Pose Mode"
    4️⃣ Choose one of three cool poses (double-click)
    5️⃣ Render your image